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MERCANTA 5.0 Firefighting Firefighters need hand protection which not only protects from heat, but which forms a barrier against liquids and mechanical hazards. Not all “calls” involve fires, consider chemical spills and traffic accidents. Designed specifically for the arduous conditions associated with firefighting and emergency response. Firefighting gloves offer protection against mechanical and thermal hazards. Approved to EN 659. EN659 FIREFIGHTING 6.0 Radiation To protect against ionising radiation, gloves must contain a certain amount of lead, and this amount has to be marked on the glove. The EN 421 standard specifies how the lead content must be calculated. EN421 RADIATION The Mark and Hand Protection The CE mark indicates that products carrying it fully comply with any European Standard covering their manufacture and performance. All items of PPE, including hand protection, manufactured after 1 July 1995 must carry the CE mark to denote compliance. Legislation for further information: EN 388/420:2003 - This standard applies to all kinds of protective gloves giving protection from mechanical risks, in respect of physical problems caused by abrasion, blade cut, puncture or tearing. This standard also covers risk of electrostatic discharge. EN 374:2003 - This standard specifies the capability of gloves to protect the user against chemicals and/or micro-organisms. EN 511:1994 - This standard applies to gloves which protect the hands against convective and contact cold. EN 407:2004 - This standard specifies thermal performance for protective gloves against heat and/or fire. EN 659:2008 - This standard defines performance requirements for gloves designed to protect firefighters against heat and flames. EN 421:2010 - This standard lays down test methods and performance criteria for gloves offering protection against ionising radiation and radioactive contamination. EN 455:2013 - Medical gloves for single use. If a glove is to be used for food handling, it is required to carry either the words “for food use” or this symbol. Maintenance: Contaminated and worn gloves may fail to protect the hands from the very hazard they were designed for. Effective protection is maintained by regular replacement of the gloves. Check the condition of the gloves, inside and out. 81

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