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MERCANTA Acid hood, protects head and shoulders from splash of acids and dangerous chemicals. Made of MD Meraklon, mask aperture with leak- proof collar. Can be used in conjunction with Sekur Full Face Masks Selecta (order no. 003-466611) and Sfera (order no. 003-466608). Please see page 60. Order No.: 003-666971 Sekur Acid Proof Hoods Contain 100 ml with long time effect. Cleaning and anti-fogging agent. Order No.: 003-266952 Sekur Glass Clear Sprays Each bottle contains 250 ml concentrate. Best material compatibility, no delays on the mask. Order No.: 003-266962 Sekur Cleaning Fluids for Masks Each bottle contains 250 ml concentrate. Pleasant smell, no sticking of valves. Order No.: 003-266942 Sekur Mask Disinfectants 67

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