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Certified to EN 14594:2005 and EN 397:2000. Shock absorption and penetration requirements in the temperature range of 0° C through +50° C. Durable fibre glass polyester helmet with glass visor and exchangeable inner visor with rubber frame. Wire mesh pre-screen. Comes in a stable case with adjustable fastener. Integrated air flow indicator guarantees user safety. The rubber helmet cover ensures noise reduction. Protective body jacket made of coated fabric. Comes with adjustable waist belt, air flow regulator and safety-nipple for compressed air hose connection. Order Nos.: 003-144151 Shotblasting Helmet Set 003-272042 Spare External Glass Visor. Size: 108 x 165 mm 003-672542 Spare Inner Visor. Size: 101 x 155 x 2 mm Sekur Shotblasting Helmets “C4“ One piece coverall with inner pocket. Made of heavy duty, corded thread dust-proof material. Covered button row. Sleeve and ancle cuffs. Detachable leather trims on the legs for maximum user protection. Sekur Shotblasting Helmet C4 must be ordered at extra cost. Order Nos.: European Sizes: 003-286221 48 003-286222 50 003-286223 52 003-286224 54 003-286225 56 003-286226 58 003-286227 60 Sekur Shotblasting Coveralls “605“ The welding hood protects head and throat from splash of sparks and welding particles. Comes with protective welding glass DIN 12 and plain glass shield. Face protection made of leather. Complete with upward folding glass shields. Can be used in conjunction with Sekur Full Face Masks Selecta (order no. 003-466611) and Sfera (order no. 003-466608). Please see page 60. Order No.: 003-266975 Sekur Welding Hoods Certified to DIN 58647-7-ABEK15. Complete ready-to-use filtering escape device, protecting against unexpected gases and vapours. Half mask and filter come in a sealed, durable transport and storage box with belt clip. Operation time approx. 15 minutes. Order No.: 003-466426 Sekur Escape Devices “Poli-Blitz“ 66 003-28622148 003-28622250 003-28622352 003-28622454 003-28622556 003-28622658 003-28622760

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