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MERCANTA Suitable for full face masks as to EN 136 and half masks as to EN 140. Come with male knuckle thread as to EN 148-1. Order Nos.: 003-422735 P3R D (Weight 0,066 kg) 003-422761 A2 (Weight 0,192 kg) 003-422762 B2 (Weight 0,23 kg) 003-422764 K2 (Weight 0,226 kg) 003-422760 A2B2E2K1 (Weight 0,24 kg) 003-422786 A2P3R D (Weight 0,22 kg) 003-422781 A2B2P3R D (Weight 0,249 kg) 003-422782 A2B2E2K2P3R D (Weight 0,292 kg) 003-422785 A2B2E2K2HgP3R D (Weight 0,275 kg) 003-422791 AX (Weight 0,199 kg) 003-422793 AXP3R D (Weight 0,22 kg) Filter Cartridges “Dirin 230“ Certified to EN 138:1994 and EN 270. Perfect for application without compressed air supply. Consisting of a short, durable, flexible and seamless breathing hose with overflow valve. Must be ordered with a Blower for Fresh Air (at extra costs, order no. 003-153201). To be used with either Full Face Mask Selecta (order no. 003-466611) or Sfera (order no. 003-466608), to be ordered separately. Rotating con- nection component with claw coupling, waist belt and shoulder strap in high-class leather. Supplied in a dust-proof storage case. Order No.: 003-155501 Sekur Fresh Air Breathing Apparatuses Certified to EN 138:1994. Consisting of robust metal box, containing steel peg and steel cable. Integrated strainer and claw type cou- pling. Powerful electric motor for low breathing resistance provides a comfortable work with this fresh air hose breathing apparatus. Euro connecting plug 12 Volt DC / 24 Watt 2000 mA. Order No.: 003-153201 Sekur Blowers for Fresh Air Apparatus 61

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