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Certified to EN 140. Comes with knuckle thread connection as to EN 148-1. Mask body with exhalation valve and support under the chin. Made of soft EPDM. Owing to the special design the mask is suitable for spectacle wearers. The half mask can be used with screw type filters up to 0,3 kg, that are available at extra cost. Order No.: 003-466605 Sekur Half Masks “Polimask 330“ Certified to EN 136. Comes with anti-scratch, anti-fogging, non-re- flecting and distortion-free polycarbonate window shield with very large field of vision. Ultimative level of comfort by ergonomic con- struction and design. Facepiece consists of non-irritating EPDM which is resistant to ageing and guarantees outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance. Five-point harness locks the mask quickly and securely in place. With knuckle thread as to EN 148-1. Two “Cool Down“ exhalation valves. Order No.: 003-466611 Sekur Full Face Masks “Selecta Class 2“ Certified to EN 136. Facepiece consisting of high-quality EPDM. Patented anti-fogging, non-reflecting, distortion-free and anti-scratch polycarbonate visor shield with very large field of vision. With knuckle thread as to EN 148-1. Built-in speech diaphragm. The outstanding transmission of the voice allows the use of megaphones, telephones and two-way radios. Universal size allows the mask to fit tightly but without pressure irrespective of the shape of the face. One large exhalation valve with exhalation valve pre-chamber results in low exhalation resist- ance and prevents dangerous media from penetrating the inside of the mask. The inner mask is equipped with two check valves which reduce clearance volume and prevent the visor shield from misting up through even visor ventilation. Approved for fire fighters. Order No.: 003-466608 Sekur Full Face Masks “Sfera Class 3“ For all types of Sekur full face masks. Made of impact resistant plastic with adjustable harness. Lid with quick release fastener. For dust proof storage and safe transport. Temperature resistant. Weight approx. 0,4 kg. Order No.: 003-366932 Sekur Carrying and Storage Cases 60

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