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2 FOTOS Suitable for Sundstroem half mask “SR 100“ and full face mask “SR 200“ respirator. The pre-filter holder secures and protects the pre-filter against handling damage. Pre-filters must be ordered separately. Minimum order quantity: 5 units. Order No.: 202-R01-0604 Sundstroem Pre-Filter Holders “SR 5153“ Suitable for Sundstroem half mask “SR 100“ and full face mask “SR 200“ respirator. The pre-filter should always be used for particle, gas and combined filters. It protects the main filter against premature clogging by larger particles. Pre-filter holder “SR 5153“ comes at extra cost. Weight: 0,07 kg. Minimum order quantity: Box of 800 units. Order No.: 202-H02-0312 Sundstroem Pre-Filters “SR 221“ Suitable for use with Sundstroem Respirator “SR 100“ and “SR 200“. Sundstroem Filter Cartridges Certified to EN 140. This respirator combines comfort, protection and low through life costs. Perfectly balanced, user friendly and modern in design. Latex and silicone-free to ensure no allergic skin reaction or irritation. Head harness and neck buckle support the mask com- fortably without feeling tightness in the straps. Spark, splash and contaminant guards for filters and exhale valve. Accepts all Scott Pro2 particulate, gas and combined filters, that are available at extra cost. Hygienic storage bag included. Order Nos.: Sizes: 154-29250601 Small 154-29250602 Medium 154-29250603 Large Scott Half Masks “Profile2 “ Order Nos.: 202-H02-2512 A1 (Minimum order quantity: 50 units) 202-H02-2012 A2 (Minimum order quantity: 40 units) 202-H02-3212 ABE1 (Minimum order quantity: 50 units) 202-H02-3312 ABE2 (Minimum order quantity: 30 units) 202-H02-5312 ABEK1 (Minimum order quantity: 40 units) 202-H02-2412 AX (Minimum order quantity: 30 units) 202-H02-4212 K1 (Minimum order quantity: 50 units) 202-H02-4312 K2 (Minimum order quantity: 30 units) 202-H02-6512 ABEK1 Hg P3 R (Minimum order quantity: 30 units) 202-H02-1312 P3 (Minimum order quantity: 50 units) 2 FOTOS 58

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