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MERCANTA Certified to EN 149:2001 FFP1 NR. Protection against fine non- toxic dusts and fumes. Suitable for use with dusts generated from construction, brick and clay dust, sanding and agricultural uses such as with animal feeds, grain, hay and pollen. Assigned Protection Factor = 4. Comes in boxes of 20 pcs. Order No.: 154-282457 per box Moulded Respirators FFP1 “Keep Safe“ Certified to EN 149:2001 FFP1NR D. The 3M respirators provide lightweight, comfortable and effective respiratory protection against dust and mist.The convex shape, twin strap design, nose foam and nose clip ensure comfortable wear over a range of face sizes. The unique valve and collapse resistant shell offers durable, comfortable protection particularly in hot and humid conditions. Comes in boxes of 10 pcs. Order No.: 154-292409 per box 3M Valved Respirators FFP1 “8812“ Certified to EN 149:2001 FFP1 NR D. The 3M face mask is designed for comfort and fit. Combats fine particulates reliably, Excellent over a wide range of face sizes provided by convex shape, nose clip and twin-strap design. Improved weld pattern and better headstrap attachment. Popular choice of paint/ink makers, laboratory and pharmaceutical people. Colour: White with yellow straps. Comes in boxes of 20 pcs. Order No.: 154-292452 per box 3M Respirators FFP1 “8710E“ Certified to EN 149:2001 NR. Protection against fine toxic dusts, fibres and aqueous mists. Suitable for use as FFP1, plus aluminium oxide, zinc oxide dusts, cement dust, grinding, agricultural, mining and petrochemical industries. Assigned Protection Factor = 10. Comes in boxes of 20 pcs. Order No.: 154-282456 per box Moulded Respirators FFP2 “Keep Safe“ 53

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