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MERCANTA Substances Formula Colour Code Filter Code Remarks Iodomethane CH3 J brown AX 87AX Iodomethane (radioactive) CH3 J orange/white REACTOR-P3 Iron pentacarbonyl Fe(CO)5 black/white CO-P3 CO filter canister with particle filter P3 Isocyanates (organic) R-NCO grey/white B-P2 in case of spray and propellent gas white B if vapours only are present Isopropylalcohol CH3 CH(OH)CH3 brown A Ketenes R-CH2 =CO selfcontained BA Ketones R-CO-R brown A Lead fumes Pb white P2 Maleic anhydride C4 H2 O3 brown/white A-P2 Mercaptans R-SH grey B Mercury compounds red/white Hg-P3 89Hg/St Mercury vapour Hg red/white Hg-P3 89Hg/St Metal fumes white P2, P3 87AX Methylalcohol (methanol) CH3 OH brown AX 87AX Methylbromide CH2 Br brown AX 87AX Methylchloride CH3 CI no filter Methylchloroform CH3 CCI3 brown A Methylenechloride CH2 CI2 brown AX 87AX Methylethylketone (MEK) CH3 COC2 H5 brown A Methylisobutylketone (MIBK) CH3 COC4 H9 brown A Nickeltetracarbonyl Ni(CO)4 black/white CO-P3 CO filter canister and particle filter P3 Nickel acid HNO3 /H2 O blue NO 89NO/St Nitro compounds (organic) R-NO2 grey B Nitrogen oxides NO, NO2 , N2 O5 blue NO 89NO/St Nitrous fumes NO, NO2 , N2 O5 , HNO2 , HNO3 blue NO 89NO/St Organic nitro compounds R-NO2 grey B Ozone O3 black CO CO canister blue NO 89NO/St Paint sprays, vapours brown/white A-P2 Pentachloroethane CHCI2 CCI3 brown A Perchloroethylene CCI2 CCI2 brown A Pesticides brown/white A-P2 Petrol brown A Phenols brown A Phenylhydrazine C6 H5 NHNH2 green, brown K, A Phosgene COCI2 grey B 89B/St Phosphine PH3 grey B 89B/St Phosphorous trichloride PCI3 grey/white B-P2 Polyacrylates brown/white A-P2 Potassiumcyanide (dust) KCN grey/white B-P2 Propylalcohol (propanol) CH3 CH2 CH2 OH brown A Pyridine C5 H5 N brown, green A, K Quartz SiO2 white P2 Sodiumhydroxide NaOH white P2 Solvents brown A Stibine SbH3 grey/white B-P3 Styrene C6 H5 CHCH2 brown A Sulfur compounds (burning) (SO2 ) yellow/white E-P2 Sulfurdioxide SO2 yellow E Sulfuric acid H2 SO4 yellow/white E-P2 Sulfurmonochloride S2 CI2 grey/white B-P2 51

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