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MERCANTA Alphabetical List of Industrial Gases and Toxic Substances. For all gases and vapours which may be present in combination with particles (dust, smoke, mist, spray) a combined filter (protection from gases and particles) must be used. The filter recommendations are based on pure substances. At presence of mixtures, by-products, or decomposition pro- ducts, the impurities must be taken into account. AX filters must be used for compounds with a boiling point below 65° C. If the list mentions a particle filter (e.g. A-P2) for a specific substance, particles are commonly found with the gas or vapour. Substances Formula Colour Code Filter Code Remarks Acetaldehyde CH3 CHO brown AX 87AX Acetic acid CH3 COOH yellow, grey, brown E, B, A Acetone CH3 COCH3 brown AX 87AX Acetonecyanhydrin CH3 C(OH)(CN)CH3 brown/white A-P3 Acetonitrile CH3 CN brown A in presence of hydrogen cyanide: B Acidic gases grey B Acids (fuming concentrated) yellow/white E-P2 Acrolein (2-Propenal) CH2 CHCHO brown AX 87AX Acrylic acid-esters CH2 CHCOOR brown A Acrylonitrile CH2 CHCN brown/white A-P3 in presence of hydrogen cyanide: B-P3 Alcohols R-OH brown A methylalcohol: AX Aldehydes R-CHO brown A or AX formaldehyde: B Allyl chloride CH2 CHCH2 Cl brown AX 87AX 2-Amino ethanol CH2 OHCH2 NH2 brown A Ammonia NH3 green K Aniline C6 H5 NH2 brown/white A-P3 Aqueous ammonia NH3 H2 O green K Arsenic trioxide As2 O3 white P3 in presence of arsine: 89B/St (B2-P3) Arsine AsH3 grey B in presence of arsine: 89B/St (B2-P3) Benzene C6 H6 brown A Benzylbromide C6 H5 CH2 Br brown/white A-P2 also B Beryllium Be white P3 Bromine Br2 grey B Bromoform CHBr3 brown A Bromomethane CH3 Br brown AX 87AX Butanone CH3 COC2 H5 brown A Butylacetate CH3 COOC4 H9 brown A Butylacrylate CH2 CHCOOC4 H9 brown A Butylalcohols (butanols) C4 H9 OH brown A Carbon black C white P2 Carbondioxide CO2 selfcontained BA Carbondisulfide CS2 grey B Carbonmonoxide CO black CO CO filter canister 560 CO/St, FSR Carbonoxysulfide COS grey B Carbontetrachloride CCl4 brown A Caustic soda NaOH white P2 Chlorobromomethane CH2 ClBr brown AX 87AX Chlorine Cl2 grey/white B-P3 Chlorinedioxide ClO2 grey B Chloromethane CH3 Cl no filter Chloroform CHCl3 brown AX 87AX Chloroprene CH2 C(C)CHCH2 brown AX 87AX Chlorsulfonic acid CLSO3 H grey/white B-P2 also E-P2 49

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