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2.2 Full Face Masks ➤ Advantages ➣ positive sealing guarantees effective protection for the whole face (eyes included) ➤ Disadvantages ➣ not as comfortable as half masks CAUTION: not to be used in concentrations above 5000 ppm Filters for Respirators and Gas Masks Gas and Combination filters are classified to EN141, Particulate Matter Filters to EN143, AX Filters to EN371. Filter cartridges and canisters protecting against aerosols are marked with letters “St‘ and a white ring. Storage of Filters (Shelf Life) lt can be expected that gas or combined filters when unused, factory packed and sealed and stored in rooms of normal humidity, temperature and air-compound usually have a storage ability of Type A: 5 years, types B and CO: 4 years, types E and K: 3 years. Gas Filter Classes ➣ Gas Filter Class 1 – small ability to absorb ➣ Gas Filter Class 2 – medium ability to absorb ➣ Gas Filter Class 3 – strong ability to absorb For instance, A3 means: strong ability to absorb organic gases Particle Filter Classes (as per definition of the Respiration Protection Code of Practice - Edition 10.1981) ➣ Particle Filter Class 1 - protection against inert substances as per MAK list ➣ Particle Filter Class 2 - protection against noxious and toxic particles as well as asbestos ➣ Particle Filter Class 3 - protection against very toxic particles, radioactive substances, carcinogenic particles, as well as spore, bacteria, viruses and proteolytic enzyme. NOTE: P3 filters should only be used in combination with full face masks. Colour Code Code Letter Main Area of Application A organic vapours, solvents with boiling point above 65° C AX organic vapours, solvents with boiling point below 65° C B acidic gases (e.g. halogens, hydrogen halogenides), hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen cyanide with irritant (as in insecticides), hydrogen sulfide, arsine, phosphine, to a lesser degree also like A, E and K E sulfur dioxide K ammonia CO carbon monoxide Hg mercury vapour NO nitrous fumes REACTOR FILTER radioactive ionide, organic ionide compounds P particulate matter 46

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