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Preamble Respiratory protection units are extremely efficient devices to protect worker‘s health in any environment. They have to be used for all works involving harmful gases and vapours as well as particulate matter to ensure the health of the worker‘s respiratory organs. As soon as toxic containments cannot be removed effectively by ventilating, or screening, respiratory protection devices have to be worn. Our program can be divided into the following groups: ➤ Respirators ➣ Negative Pressure Devices ➣ Dust Masks ➣ Odour Masks ➣ Spray-paint Respirators ➣ Welding Masks ➣ Acid Gas Respirators ➣ Organic Vapour Respirators ➣ Ammonia/Methyl Amine Respirators ➣ Positive Pressure Devices ➣ Powered Respirators ➤ Filter Masks ➣ Positive and Negative Pressure Devices ➣ Gas Filter Masks ➣ Particle Filter Masks ➣ Combined Filter Masks against gases and particulate matter ➣ Escape-type Filter Masks ➤ Protective Hoods ➣ Positive and Negative Pressure Devices ➣ Sandblast Hoods ➣ Chemical Hoods ➤ Airline Units ➣ Negative Pressure Devices ➣ Fresh air Breathing Apparatus (Hose Masks) ➣ Positive Pressure Devices ➣ Compressed-air Airline Apparatus ➤ Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Sets 42

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