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Certified to EN 166 and EN 169. Very light and fashionable polycarbonate welding spectacles with outstanding field of vision. Adjustable temple length can be individually set in four different positions. Uvex duo-flex technology offers soft pads on the ear pieces for pressure free fit. Special temple design with side shields and browguards offers exceptional protection. Green lens with Infradur PLUS coating which protects against ultraviolet, infra-red radiation and glare. Frame: Black. Welding Spectacles “Uvex Astrospec 9168“ Certified to EN 166, EN 170 and EN 169. Heavy duty welding goggles with flip-up front for perfect protection against welding hazards. With adjustable headband for perfect fit on all head shapes. Suitable for use with prescription spectacles. The main frame and flip-up front are made of black impact resistant plastics and provide indirect ventilation. Main frame with clear cellulose acetate lenses. The flip-up front features green glass lenses with welding shade 5. Order No.: 156-9350.035 Welding goggles Replacement lenses: Order No.: 156-9350.050 Clear standard inner lenses Order No.: 156-9140.065 Green flip-up lenses, welding shade 5 Welding Goggles “Uvex 9350“ Certified to EN 12941 TH3 (PAPR), EN 1835 LDH2 (airline), EN 175 (weld), EN 397 (head) and EN 166 1B9 (eye & face). Integrated helmet, visor and welding shield. Electronic variable auto-darkening lens and passive lenses available upon special request and at extra cost. Safety helmet and rail-mounted retrac- table visor with flexible chin seal and outer welding shield. To be used with the Scott Tornado respiratory system and Scott “PAPR“ connecting hose. Order No.: 154-277026 Scott Welding Helmets and Headtops Order No.: 156-9168.081 Welding shade 1,7 Order No.: 156-9168.082 Welding shade 3 Order No.: 156-9168.184 Welding shade 4 Order No.: 156-9168.084 Welding shade 5 Replacement lenses: Order No.: 156-9168.122 Welding shade 1,7 Order No.: 156-9168.129 Welding shade 3 Order No.: 156-9168.124 Welding shade 4 Order No.: 156-9168.127 Welding shade 5 26

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