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MERCANTA Order No.: 219-EOS-1 Mobile Gas Detector Kits “Miretti EOS-1“ Suitable for vehicles with electric engines (i.e. forklift trucks). The safety kit is to be installed in vehicles that drive in combustible areas, which are classified to zone 2. The system permanently samples air from the environment to check the atmosphere for explosive gases and therefore forms an active protection system. Features a sensor, which is certified to ATEX 94/9/CE, that stops the vehicle‘s engine, as soon as a gas concentration in the environment is detected that reaches the lower explosive limit (LEL). The sensor works with Infrared technique which is suitable for use in the gas- and petroleum industry in general. 1 Interface display 2 EOS Central Unit 3 Gas Sensor 4 Sensor 5 Wheel brake probe 6 Truck‘s Motor 7 Battery Cut-Off Switch 8 Socket / Plug 9 Battery 10 Gas Bottle 289

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