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Order No.: 030-90050 Weight: 1.40 kg/m Order No.: 030-Euroace-A Lowering Devices “Euroace-A“ Secondary escape route for evacuation of buildings in case of a fire. Consists of a chute frame and a main frame, which are mounted firmly on the building‘s floor, a chute body and an exit capsule. All parts and components such as installation bolts anchored on the building floor, installation or fitting metal parts, chute hardware, chute main body and joints are designed and made to withstand a sufficient load and do not deform up to the force of 1.000 kg. Therefore the escape chute is strong enough for evacuating persons one after the other. ➤ Speed of descent about 2 m per second ➤ No shock is felt during descent in the chute or at the time when reaching the protecting cushion ➤ No clogging within the chute even when many persons descend in succession ➤ Chute withstands a load up to 7200 kg ➤ Excellent durability and weather resistance ➤ Chute body made of flame retardant material Remark: Specially designed models for hospitals are available, where the descent is in a 45° angle. Please contact us for further details. Chute Frame Base Frame Chute Body Capsule Outer Cloth Slide Cloth Wire Chute Frame Cover Holding Handle Cushion Fire Escape Chutes “Euroace S-1“ Certified to Class A, EN 341. The lowering device is suitable for stationary installation in buildings. It is a certified rescue device for evacuating people from a building in case of a fire. Maximum working height: 100 m. Automatic braking by centrifugal brake. Galvanized steel rope with polyester coating. Controlled roping down speed 0,8 m / second. Safety harness available at extra cost. Please refer to page 277. 288

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