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MERCANTA Ekastu Eye Wash Bottles, 600 ml Eye Wash Station Cabinets Portable Eye, Face and Body Showers “STD-38G“ Certified to DIN EN 15154-4 (DIN 12930). Filled with sterile water. Can be stored (maintanance free) for 3 years. For immediate rinsing of the eyes after corrosion by acids, basis etc. PE bottle with screwed- on eye funnel and tilting valve. Can be used in upright and horizontal position, leak-proof. Plastic wall mounting cabinet for accommodation of two Ekastu sterile eyewash bottles. Bottles 003-177259 and 003-177959 to be purchased separately. For direct availability in danger areas, dust- proof with a “pull top“ lid. Protects eye wash bottles of coldness and warmness. Date of expiry can be stated on the lid. Easy installation. Certified to ANSI Z358.1-2004. Self-contained shower unit, incorpo- rating a stainless steel cylinder and pressure gauge, safety valve and Optiflex hand shower. The hand shower can be used to treat disabled personnel or can be used for decontaminating the eyes or used for washing other parts of the body. The cylinder contains 15 litres of water when fully charged and is designed to deliver a spray of water for a period of over 5 minutes. The cylinder incorporates a pressure gauge and is pressurised to 6 bar via a standard tyre valve. The cylin- der has a dual action safety valve set at approximately 8 bar which prevents over pressurisation and allows the user to vent the air pres- sure for cleaning and maintenance. Note: The unit is supplied empty and should be filled immediately upon installation with sterile water. Order No.: 003-177959 Order No.: 003-277955 Order No.: 139-STD-38G Contents: 600 ml 271

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