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Holds two 500 ml sterile saline solution eye wash bottles, two eye pad dressings and a mirror for easy application. Panel complete with printed instructions. Size: 270 x 375 x 50 mm Order No.: 154-254697 Emergency Eye Wash Stations Sodium Chloride 0.9 % w/v Ph.Eur. Sterile saline eyewash with quick-off top. Full instructions on bottle. Size: 500 ml Order No.: 154-254695 Reliwash Saline Eye Wash Solutions Sodium Chloride 0.9 % w/v Ph.Eur. Eye pods suitable for non-emer- gency use, and washing wounds. Size: 20 ml Order No.: 154-254834 Pack of 25 pcs Reliwash Sterile Saline Pods Certified to DIN EN 15154-4 (DIN 12930). Filled with sterile water. Can be stored (maintanance free) for 3 years. For immediate rinsing of the eyes after corrosion by acids, basis etc. Can be carried in breast and coat bags. PE bottle with screwed-on eye funnel and tilting valve. Can be used in upright and horizontal position, leak-proof. Contents: 175 ml Order No.: 003-177259 Ekastu Eye Wash Bottles, 175 ml 270

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