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Pipe Identification Tapes FLAMMABLE LIQUID 3 DA1 100 x 100 DA2 200 x 200DA1 100 x 100 HIGHL FLAMMABLE Y DA3 100 x 100 DA4 200 x 200DA3 100 x 100 TOXIC 6 DA9 100 x 100 DA10 200 x 200DA9 100 x 100 FLAMMABLE GAS 2 DA15 100 x 100 DA16 200 x 200DA15 100 x 100 COMPRESSED GAS 2 DA23 100 x 100 DA24 200 x 200DA23 100 x 100 FLAMMABLE 3 DA31 100 x 100 DA32 200 x 200DA31 100 x 100 CORROSIVE 8 DA33 100 x 100 DA34 200 x 200DA33 100 x 100 EXPLOSIVE 1 DA37 100 x 100 DA38 200 x 200DA37 100 x 100 4 DA52 250 x 250 DA52 250 x 250 3 DA53 250 x 250 DA53 250 x 250 6 DA55 250 x 250 DA55 250 x 250 9 DA58 250 x 250 DA58 250 x 250 7 DA59 250 x 250 DA59 250 x 250 2 DA61 250 x 250 DA61 250 x 250 8 DA62 250 x 250 DA62 250 x 250 IATA dangerous goods Regulations 2014 states. (Shown to the right of this text). Packages may be marked to indicate that the shipper has determined that the package meets air transport requirements. Must be placed adjacent to shipping name and UN number and be of a size that is clearly visible. DA65 75 mm dia. 500 per roll ID1 Water Green (12D45) ID2 Steam Silver Grey (10A03) ID3 Mineral oils Brown (06C39) ID4 Gases (exept air) Yellow Ochre (08C35) ID9 Fire fighting Red (04E53) ID13 Fresh water Aux. Blue (18E53) ID60 Warning Yellow (08E51) ID61 Warning/Danger Yellow/Black (ID10) ID62 White ID63 Crimson ID64 Blue (18E51) ID65 Golden Brown (06D45) ID66 Salmon Pink (04C33) ID67 Sea Green (16C37) ID11 Primrose (10E53) ID68 Emerald (14E53) ID5 Acid & Alkalies Violet (22C37) ID6 Air Light Blue (20E51) ID7 Electrical services and vent ducts Orange (06E51) ID8 Other fluids Black (00E53) Shown here are the basic iden- tification colours - these should be placed either side of the centre band and are available 150 mm wide and 33 m long. Shown here are the centre band colours all available 100 mm wide and 33 m long. Pipes should be marked with two bands of basic i.d. colour 150 mm and a centre band of 100 mm where the exact nature of the content needs to be recognised. To further enhance your scheme the content can be stated with a black on clear name label and the direction of flow indicated with flow arrows, while symbols should be added for easy hazard identification. Basic Identifications Colours Safety Reference Colours Hazard Diamonds These signs are only available as self adhesive vinyl as standard, and in different sizes. 266

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