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MERCANTA Horn Configurations There are four different fundamental configurations of the sirens‘ horns: ➣ symmetrical duo (360° sound coverage, two parallel columns) ➣ symmetrical single (360° sound coverage, single column) ➣ asymmetrical duo (focused sound coverage, two parallel columns) ➣ asymmetrical single (focused sound coverage, single column) The configurations differ considerably in terms of coverage. Whereby, symmetrical configurations (single and duo) give preference to an omnidirectional coverage, asymmetrical configurations (single and duo) optimize sound pressure in one main direction. The standard configuration is symmetrical single, because both features, sound coverage and sound pressure level are optimally balanced. All possible horn configurations are shown on the following pages. Electronic Controlled Siren ECN-D The ECN-D is delivered in a metal cabinet, equipped with the following components: ➣ 2 maintenance free lead-acid batteries ➣ battery charger ➣ motherboard with monitoring module (EMB) ➣ signal generator with voice memory - 2 min. duration. (ESG) ➣ amplifier (PA) The mains power supply is mounted on the inner back side of the cabinet, while all low voltage components, like the motherboard, signal generator, and amplifiers are mounted on the inner side of a hinged mounting plate in the front of the cabinet. Therefore, all electronic components are easily accessible in case of intervention, or maintenance. On demand, the installation of low voltage components can be done in a 19“ hinged frame. The cabinet is secured with two turning bolts. Additionally, the mounting plate is equipped with a safety lock. A front panel LC Display is deliverable as an option, and facilitates operation and maintenance of the siren considerably. An electronic circuit is integrated on the Enhanced Motherboard (EMB), which monitors the charging status of the batteries and the functionality of the battery charger as well as the operational status of the amplifiers and the Horn Drivers. A malfunction of either the amplifiers, drivers, or the charger, is detected by the electronics and a message is shown on the LCD in the case of local testing, or alternatively it is sent to the warning center, in the case of a remote test. If the battery voltage drops to an inadequate level (“low battery“), the operation of the siren is disabled, until the batteries have been recharged to an operational voltage level. The modular construction of the siren makes it easy to expand or update an already installed siren, without being forced to modify the main construction. The siren may be enhanced in communication, for example, by implementation of a bidirectional radio, a 5-tone receiver, or a radio modem. Other models and new developed digital technology sirens with an output power of 600 W, 1200 W, 1800 W, 2400 W and 3000 W and same construction features as the above described models are available upon request. 251

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