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New Siren generation ECN-D (electronic siren with digital amplifiers): The digital siren ECN-D offers independence from mains power supply, a variety of inbuilt test routines, activation of up to 10 individual alert signals, activation of voice messages and live PA (public address). Increasing the effectiveness to above 97 % upon use of new digital amplifiers does result in reduced energy consumption of the siren, thus requiring less battery capacity respectively battery blocks, in overall leading to a reduced total weight of the electronic cabinet. The modular construction, the variety of interfaces and the strict adherence to technical standards offer potential for consideration of specific customer needs. Class D Amplifier Control Panel ECN 600-D 109 dB (A) 30 m ECN 1200-D 115 dB (A) 30 m ECN 1800-D 118 dB (A) 30 m ECN 2400-D 121 dB (A) 30 m ECN 3000-D 123 dB (A) 30 m 250

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