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MERCANTA Operation desk Computerised Command and Control Software ➣ easy to use (mapping menu and system functions via buttons with pictograms/text) ➣ quickly accessible maps (<2 s) ➣ coloured overlaid symbols for status info ➣ in co-operation with customer optimised graphical user interface with zoom and planning functions ➣ vector graphics for maps ➣ Language support (can be offered for most common languages) 3. Approve with key switch 4. Sirens active 1. Select sirens 2. Select siren tone Operation Essential requirements for reliable operation of a siren warning system postulate a user friendly and intuitive usability of the software. The CCCS includes several ope- ration modes which ensure easy and secure operation. »Monitoring« mode can be used for training but still al- lows polling of the system and receiving real-time status reports. »Active« mode enables the operator to broadcast siren tones, pre-recorded messages or live PA announce- ments within seconds. »Administration« mode offers fle- xible administration and adaption of the system. (1)(1) SELECT ALL TEST SELECT ALL REPORTS ACTIVATE STATUS ZOOM IN VOICE Choose signal type: ALARM ALL CLEAR IMPORTANT MESSASGE OK Cancel CHIME 3. Approve with key switch 4. Sirens active 1. Select sirens 3. approve with key switch 2. Select siren tone 4. Sirens active 249

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