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Sizes: 6 - 8,5 (half sizes available), 9 - 16 (full sizes only) Sizes: 9 - 11,5 (half sizes available), 12 - 16 (full sizes only) Material 60 % CoolMax, 30 % Nylon, 5 % Polyester, 4 % X-Static, 1 % Lycra. Designed for diabetics or health conscious individuals, these specialty socks are built with a multitude of purpose-driven innovations. Coolmax fibers wick moisture away from the feet while X-Static fibres naturally inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. The Lycra material provides amazing, three-way stretch and the terry looping cushioning in the heel, sole and over the toe provide comfort around important areas of the feet. Comes in packs of 6 pairs. Red Wing Socks “Ultimate Diabetic“ These heavy weight socks are ideal for cold temperatures. Material: 84 % Wool, 9 % Acrylic, 5 % Nylon, 2 % Lycra Spandex. Designed with dense terry loop cushioning that surrounds the foot for added comfort and warmth, these Arctic socks are perfect for all-day wear. Comes in packs of 6 pairs. Order No.: 005-97200 Colour: Multi Red Wing Cold Store Socks “Arctic“ Order Nos.: Colours: 005-97230 White 005-97232 Black/Grey 146

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