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Sizes: M - XXXL Sizes: S - XXL Sizes: M - XXXL Order Nos.: Colours: 154-382019 Blue 154-382020 White Order No.: 154-383002 Colour: White Order No.: 154-382114 Colour: White TYPE 6 TYPE 6 CATEGORY III CATEGORY III TYPE 5 TYPE 5 TYPE 4 EN 14126 EN 14126 EN 1073-2 EN 1073-2 EN 1149-1 EN 1149-1 Provides light protection from dirt and grease. Made from 100 % polypropylene with zip front. Elasticated hood and cuffs. Disposable Hooded Coveralls, Light Duty Certified to EN 13982 (Type 5), EN 13034 (Type 6), complex design, EN1149-1, EN 1073-2 and EN 14126. The Keep Safe coverall is antistatic. Made of microporous film laminate front with SMMS fabric on back panel. It combines strong chemical protection with added benefit of better breathability, helping to reduce body heat and vapour build up for a more comfortable wear. Elasticated waist, wrist and ankles. Overshoes come at extra cost. Disposable Hooded Coveralls, Type 5/6 Certified to EN 14126 – Type 4B, EN 1073-2 and EN 1149-1. The Classic Plus Tyvek coverall is listed as Category III, Type 4, 5 and 6. Protection against particulate radioactive contamination. Does not contain halogen compounds so is easy to dispose of. Suitable for use in cleanroom applications. Self-adhesive zipper flap with integrated chin flap. Stretch thumb loop at end of sleeve. Disposable Hooded Coveralls, Type 4/5/6 140

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