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Preamble MERCANTA offers work garments for all kinds of applications and all working conditions. For a better survey, work garments can be divided into seven major groups: ➤ Careerwear ➤ Shirts, Trousers, Coveralls and Public Safety Uniforms ➤ Jackets and Trousers ➤ Rainwear and Weatherwear ➤ High Visibility Safety Clothing ➤ Disposable Garments ➤ Winterlined and Freeze Proof Clothing 1.0 Careerwear Corporate clothing is required wherever staff must look professional to represent the image of a company. At industrial estates this is mainly the case at reception areas, showrooms and retail outlets, where staff has customer contact. To meet the requirements of the industry for professional and fashionable clothing with enhanced corporate image, Mercanta offers a choice of stylish men’s jackets and matching trousers, following the latest fashion. These are all made from the finest quality wool and polyester-wool blend fabrics. An extended range of corporate clothing, also made of wool-blends in the best available quality can be found in the chapter Aviation Garments. Matching dress shirts are available as well. 2.0 Shirts, Trousers, Coveralls and Public Safety Uniforms These garments are designed to protect the worker against dirt. They do not protect against mechanical, thermal and chemical hazards, against atmospheric exposures, etc. Work suits are worn in many branches and for many jobs in all kinds of industry. They are available in various styles, materials and colours. Most of them consist of several parts, such as work trousers, work shirts, warehouse coats, etc. Also one-piece suits are available, such as jumpsuits and coveralls. As accessory to trousers, we offer a wide variety of leather belts that come in all sizes and colours. When equipped with extra badges, epaulettes and pockets work garments may become uniforms and squad suits, which meet the performance requirements of security staff, Emergency Medical Service staff and paramilitary squads. 3.0 Jackets and Trousers These are worn over regular work suits to provide additional protection of the body against rain, wind and low temperatures. Depending on their main protection purpose, jackets may be manufactured of polycotton blends or of nylon, both with or without PVC coating. The more sophisticated types feature breathable microfiber or Gore- Tex as an outer shell and a waterproof breathable inner lining system that transfers body perspiration to the outer shell, but locks in body heat and seals out cold. Both Ike- style as well as hip-length jackets are available. Ike-style jackets offer great mobility whereas hip-length jackets – due to their extended length – also provide protection when the wearer bends over, e.g. to lift equipment. 4.0 Rainwear and Weatherwear Both categories can be differentiated by whether the garment should just protect against wind, cold with a chance of occasional showers, or whether all day protection against rain is required. The former covers mainly the range of ‘windbreaker’ jackets, the latter usually requires professional rainwear. Whereas weatherwear used to be traditionally made of polyester-cotton blends, these materials have been overcome in the last decade by high tech microfiber fabrics that are not only fully breathable but also transfer body perspiration to the outside, as well as form, with their unique molecular structure, an effective barrier against wind and rain. Fabric brands include Isotex, Isotex 5000, Thermoguard, Hydrafort and Gore-Tex and usually come in multi-layered and/or interactive garments, where supporting garments like fleece jackets or softshells can be zipped in upon demand. The most outstanding of these fabrics still is Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex fabrics are durably waterproof, windproof and breathable. The bi-component 3 layer Gore-Tex membrane is made from expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). Although the membrane is micro-porous, it is water-proof up to a hydrostatic head of 20.000 mm. This is why Gore-Tex fabric is so waterproof that it will not let water through up to pressures of 65psi. Comparably new fabrics are called Isotex and Isotex 5000. They are both waterproof and breathable to keep the body dry and comfortable under all outdoor conditions. Isotex 5000 has a hydrostatic head of 5000 mm which offers great protection from the elements. A slightly more economic choice in the 5000 series of fabrics is called Hydrafort 5000. Another new fabric that was added lately to the market is ThermoGuard. It is a high-tech insulation made from advanced synthetic fibres, which trap air. ThermoGuard is soft and light, yet keeps incredibly warm. Its high loft gives excellent insulation. It is fast drying and easy to care for. Rain protection garments are styled to be worn over regular suits in order to prevent the worker’s body from water and humidity during outdoor works. Our rainwear additionally provides effective resistance against tearing, abrasion and chemicals up to medium concentrations. Several common materials in different styles and colours are available. Generally, PVC coated polyester rainwear should be chosen for light-duty applications with little Windproof performance to eliminate windchill Hydrophilic breathable system, to move moisture vapour out through the fabric and keep you comfortable Durable Water Repellent (DWR) outer fabric treatment to help water run off Durable waterproof performance 100

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