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MERCANTA EN388EN388 EN388EN388 EN374 EN374 EN388EN388EN374EN374EN374 EN374EN374 EN374EN374 Sizes: 6,5; 7,5; 8,5; 9,5; 10,5 Sizes: S, M, L, XL Sizes: 8, 9, 10, 11 Sizes: 8, 9, 10, 11 Order No.: 154-304242 Colour: Black Order No.: 154-304293 Colour: Black Order No.: 154-304226 Colour: Black Order No.: 154-304439 Colour: Yellow Certified to EN 388:2003 (test result:, EN 374:2003 Complex Design and EN 420:2003. CE marked. The Ansell Industrial Heavyweight gloves feature excellent resistance to many chemicals. Flocked lining and beaded, rolled cuffs. Superb resistance to knocks and abrasions. Advanced comfort and sensitivity unique to natural rubber. Reduces hand fatigue. Rubber Chemical Gloves “Ansell“ Certified to EN 388:2003 (test result: and EN 374:2003 Complex Design. CE marked. Heavyweight rubber gloves with flock lining and patterned grip. Good resistance to knocks and abrasion make these ideal for a variety of uses. Food safe. Rubber Chemical Gloves “Keep Safe“ Certified to EN 388:2003 (test result: and EN 374:2003 Complex Design. CE marked. Mediumweight industrial natural rubber gloves. Bead cuff for tear resistance and easy donning. High resi- stance to water based chemicals. Smooth finish. Unlined. Chlorinated to harden and cleanse surface. AQL 0.65 Length: 432 mm Rubber Chemical Gauntlets “Ansell Emperor“ Certified to EN 60903 Class 0 Complex Design. Natural rubber gloves with excellent dexterity. Working voltage: 1.000 volts AC. Tested to 5.000 volts AC. Length: 360 mm (14“). Electricians Rubber Gloves “Polyco“ 95

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